Equine Fusion 'Performance' Jogging Shoe blue/black [pair]

Water repellant with a new interlocking system. Sole designed for better grip off-road and in rough terrain.
Equine Fusion ‘Performance’ Jogging Shoe blue/black [pair]
Equine Fusion ‘Performance’ Jogging Shoe blue/black [pair]Equine Fusion ‘Performance’ Jogging Shoe blue/black [pair]Equine Fusion ‘Performance’ Jogging Shoe blue/black [pair]
Equine Fusion ‘Performance’ Jogging Shoe blue/black [pair]Equine Fusion ‘Performance’ Jogging Shoe blue/black [pair]Equine Fusion ‘Performance’ Jogging Shoe blue/black [pair]
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Have you ever thought about the Size chart of a traditional boot?
We know that the hoof is functioning as shock absorber when the horse lands at the ground. To be able to do that, the hoof has to be able to expand during landing. If the hoof expands to pick up the shock, the horse needs a shoe that expands together with the hoof. As you can see from traditional size chart the lock system is often based on being as close to the hoof capsule as possible and some even needs a hoof trimmer to adjust the hoof to have a perfect fit. The under sole is made of non-flexible materials that does not allow hoof expansion, or a lock system that are holding the hoof capsule and therefore no or minimal natural shock absorbing can take place. Remember; a part of the shock absorption and gait is a fully collapsed heel.

Traditional Boot
By the force by arm principle we can see that the traditional boot work agaist the biomechanical function of the hoof. All the force needed for the roll over is increased by the distance from the momentum.
A traditional boot will not flex fully in to the concavity of the hoof and have a greater momentum of all forces influenced by the thickness of the under sole and weight. To put in an insert will also only create static mass that will only increase the distance from the momentum, thereby more stress to the Flexor and create an illusion of a concave biomechanical hoof.

EF Jogging shoe - The reason why we call it jogging shoe!
To be as close to the ground as possible also means to be as close to the roll over momentum as possible, to allow the horse to not stress the (Flexors) more than necessary. This means that the concavity in the hoof capsule is filled with dynamic mass and not static mass as it will in nature. This is to create a ball joint and help the stability and roll over for the horse.
The horse uses this mass (compressed soil or gravel) to keep its stability and balance of the muscular structure. A flat and hard under sole will give the feeling of running with clogs on gravel and give extra stress to the muscular and not that good stability. Equine Fusion believe to have a flexible under sole will improve the gait of the horse and give back the natural pressure points of the hoof to have better balance and gait.

The roll over will be easier by the natural concavity created by the flexible sole, and the hoof will be stimulated accordingly.
(Imagine a digger shuffle its concave not flat)
The grip will be increased due to the start ramp it has created for itself.
( A ball of compressed soil and gravel )
The start ramp (dynamic mass) has a ball shape and can help the horse to move of in any direction to give full stability. If the hoof needs protection is not meant to be a permanent state. Therefore the horse needs to feel the ground to be able to harden its hooves, but still have protection against wear and hi-pressure points.

A hard under sole will not stimulate and at the same time the hoof can slide inside the shoe and give wear on the hoof. For the hoof not to slide, the lock needs to be around the hoof capsule and this restricts the hoof expansions. This is some of the reasons many users of a traditional boots see the lock system snapping or is torn apart and loosing shoes especially in hi speed.
A sliding hoof inside a shoe will give additional grate shocks to the hoof capsule! And not protect against wear.
A hard under sole cannot stimulate the frog properly according to the pressure put on to it, by not allowing the proper hoof expansion and sinking into the ground. With Equine Fusion the soles will follow and shape after the terrain it stands on to distribute the force against the ground.


• Traditional boot
Under sole is made of non-flexible like materials, not allowing the hoof to function as normal. The hoof is landing on a firm and non-flexible surface every time. A hard surface inside the shoe also creates hoof ware in most cases.

• EF jogging shoe
Has full cover of hoof and a self-adjusting rubber under sole to relief pressure points, protect against micro vibrations and expand with the hoof to get full natural dampening. Under sole with anti-slippery rubber inside to prevent, sliding and hoof ware inside shoe.

• Traditional boot
Under sole is made of non-flexible like materials and will not distribute the weight of the horse to be able to get good balance.

• EF jogging shoe
Under sole is flexible and give the horse feeling of the ground in additional to a concave start ramp who gives balance, in the same time it allows distribution of the weight into the ground to at all-time have the perfect balance.

• Traditional boot
No hoof expansion tolerances true a hard under sole with any room for hoof expansion. Insert to prevent ware and to fill the concavity. Insert to prevent shock against the hard under sole. Not full collapse of heel.

• EF jogging shoe
Is flexible both in upper and under-sole with all elements of hoof function it gives the hoof the possibility for expansion, full collapse of heel, the under sole flexes in to the concavity and give natural frog pressure.

• Traditional boot
Big studs or pattern that is increasing the distance from the Flexor tendon and therefore more force is needed for the roll over.

• EF jogging shoe
Gives a natural grip through only having a 7 mm thick flexible under sole, that follows the natural concavity of the hoof. In addition to be made of rubber with a pattern to give excellent grip.

• Traditional boot
Is one of the heaviest things you can mount on a hoof? Heavy hoof equipment increase stress of joints especially in hi speed.

• EF jogging shoe
Is the lightest boot type shoe in the marked to ride with. The light weight prevents excessive joint stress in hi speeds.

Price: $275.00

The 'off road' Jogging Shoe

The Equine Fusion jogging shoes is designed to be as close to the ground as possible and follow the complex biomechanics of the hoof.


Prices are per pair of boots.

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